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HP700E 8 in 1 hashcode HD Encoder

The encoder is mounted in an 1U chassis which realized 8 channel HDMI
capture, real-time HD encoding, RTMP/UDP/RTP publishing. Comparing with
the present encoder, new encoder's encoding efficiency is 50% up. With highly integrated hardware and software, the equipment is convenience
for customers to push RTMP streams into stream server. The product will greatly save the network traffic, electricity and space
utilization rate, improve the live operator front-end equipment reliability, reduce
operating costs and entry barriers.

                                                 HP700E 8 in 1 hashcode HD Encoder

HP700E 8 Channel HD Live Stream Encoder_副本

 Main Specs

1) Input Interface: HDMI (x8) 

2) HD Format: 720p@50/60, 1080i@50 

3) Output Interface: RJ45 100/1000Mbps 

4) Output Protocol: RTMP/UDP/RTP 

5) OS: Linux (Centos7.2) 

6) Power: AC110/220 50/60Hz

Product Picture

The type of the equipment is HP700E, size is 1U chassis (45x482x250 mm3 ), power consumption is less than 70W, about 4Kg in weight. Its appearance and rear shown below:

HP700E 8ch HDMI IP encoder

Product Connection Diagram

HP700E 8ch HDMI IP encoder 5

Application Software  

Preview & Live Stream Broadcast 

The main interface of software:



When the equipment is powered on, it will automatically run the software "Preview & Live Broadcast Stream", its main interface as shown above. If the software is closed, don’t need to restart the equipment, right-click the desktop and choose "Open in Terminal" item, then type in the terminal as "./run.sh" & "Enter key". Work settings are as follows: 

1) Software automatically run: activate "Auto start" function (hook means activation) on the upper right corner of the main interface. 

2) Check the working state: each upper right corner messages will display the current RTMP working state. Green for normal, Red for abnormal, Gray for closing. 

3) Check the RTMP address: click the "URL" button. You can quickly view all the RTMP address. 4) Full screen viewing: double-click any of the small screens, you can watch the full screen, double-click again will return to the small screen. 

5) Close the preview screen: click the button, you can close the preview screen, this will save CPU resources. 

Encoding Parameters Setting 

Click on the "Stop" button to stop coding, and then click any of the small screens, settings encoding parameters interface will pop up:


1) Click on the Channel drop-down list, chooses a channel number (1~8). 

2) Click on the Quality drop-down list, choose an encoding quality: Super (2300Kbps), Ultra (2000Kbps), Excellent (1200Kbps), Good (1000Kbps), Fair (800Kbps), Poor (600Kbps), Mobile (400Kbps) 3) Activate the RTMP settings bar (hook means activation), type the address and audio delay (0~8000 ms) of the streaming media server. 

4) Activate the UDP/RTP settings bar (hook means activation), type the address, port number (1024~65535) and audio delay (0~8000 ms) of the streaming media server. 

5) As a comparison (or reference) input, you need to set the channel number of its corresponding.

6) Set new Logo and its location: activate "Add Logo Enable" function (hook means activation), the converted logo file into the specified directory, type x and y coordinate. 

7) After all settings are completed, click the "Save" button to save and exit.

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