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HP-85XXA/B Ku band (MVDS) Digital Transmitter Indoor/Outdoor

HP-85XXA/B Ku band (MVDS) digital transmitter is a kind of wireless digital TV signal
transmission device newly developed by Catcast. It works on Ku band (10.7GHz -12.0GHz),
and output power is from 200mW to 50W.
Comparing to the standard BUC, the power supply and monitoring alarm unit (indoor type) are
designed inside big cabinet. The indoor type with LCD control panel can monitor key values at
real time, outdoor type with optional SMS module monitors key values. The series transmitter
can be widely used in wireless point to point signal transmission system and omni-directional
transmission system. It applies to multiple digital modulation modes DVB-S/S2 and can be used for multi-channel digital TV signal coverage over a range of 30km. It is also widely used as a satellite uplink power amplifier (frequency can be specified by user). Today, this kind of Ku band (MVDS) transmitter offers the best technical proposal which can replace MMDS signal coverage.

Main features 

 Operation frequency: 10700-12000MHz, indoor type and outdoor type for optional. 

 Optional Output Power: 200mW/2W/4W/8W/10W/12W/15W/24W/30W/40W/50W. 

 The Ku series transmitter is specifically researched, designed and produced according to the demands of customers.

 Comparing to standard BUC, with big cabinet installed all components to realize high power. 

 With power supply unit and monitoring unit (optional for outdoor type) designed in transmitter. 

 With cooling fans designed for transmitters for better dissipating heat. 

 Indoor type with touchable LCD control panel to adjust the key parameters: Output power range, Input level range, AGC range and monitor the abnormal values real-time.

 Outdoor type is designed with waterproof structure, its convenient modular design can arrange on antenna directly to reduce the loss of feeder.

 With a wide frequency band, large program capacity and strong ability of anti-interference.

 Low cost in receiver: TV signal can be easily received with any Ku Receiving antenna existing in market installed. 

 With simple process in installment and debugging, convenience in maintenance.

 With RFU modularization, broadband and high consistency design, super-linear and all-solid-state power amplifier. 

 Automatic Level Control in larger dynamic range(ALC); Automatic Gain Control (AGC); adaptation of wide dynamic range in different environments.

 With over-VSWR, over-voltage, over-current, over-heat and lighting auto-protective functions.

 With extended interface for remote control and GSM message auto-alarm system (optional), concentrated monitoring can be achieved. 

 With the international and the domestic advanced level of the design and production of equipment.  Combined Ku band (MVDS) series transmitter with MMDS transmitters of Catcast, we can build seamless coverage system with higher cost performance. 



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