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How to choose a suitable modulator for you?

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How to choose a suitable modulator for you?

When choosing a tv modulator,how do you know if it’s right for you? You need to pay attention the following points: what is TV modulator? What kind of modulation is used in your country? What features each model has? Of course,the TV modulator price is considered too.

Here are some popular modulators that we recommend to you:

HPR3624M Tuner to Modulator

Key Features

•4/8/12/16/20/24 tuner (DVB-S2/DVB-C/DVB-T2/ATSC/ISDBT) input

• 1000M IP input/output over UDP and RTP protocol (MPTS and SPTS)

• Support different types of tuner ( DVB-S2、DVB-C、DVB-T2、ATSC、ISDBT, etc. ) input, or mixed use ( e.g., 4 - way DVB -T2 and 4 - way ATSC input at the same time, making up 8 - way input )

• 4/8/16/32 carriers DVB-C RF output

• 4/8/16 carriers (DVB-T、ATSC、ISDBT optional) RF output

• 2 ASI inputs

• 2 ASI Independent output (optional) as copy of 5MPTS

• Support “Null PKT Filter” function

• Support PID Remapping/ PCR accurate adjusting

• PID pass

• LCD、key function

• Control via web management, and easy updates via web

HPM316 16 in 1 ISDB-T Modulator

Key Features

• Support maximum 3*128 IP input (MPTS/SPTS) over UDP and RTP protocol

• Support 8 MPTS Output

• Support 16/32 groups DVB-C modulating

• Support 6 Serial TS Input (AnyMultiplex)

• RF output : 50~960MHz , Any Settings

• Integrated multiplexing and modulating functions

• Support accurate PCR adjusting/PID Remapping/PSI/SI rebuilding and editing

• Web-based NMS managment

What is TV Modulator?

The video output from the camera is fed into the video input of the modulator, which is set to an RF channnel where you wish the video to appear on the televisions in the system. When you think about it, a modulator is a tiny, cheap, low power TV station capable of broadcasting on a selected UHF or cable TV channel. It takes a baseband video signal and a monaural audio signal and converts them to a broadcast RF television signal on an off air UHF channel or a cable television channel. Modulators allow multiple baseband video sources to work with the same coax. A modulator is a device that performs modulation. A demodulator (sometimes detector or demod) is a device, which performs demodulation - the inverse of modulation. A modem (from modulator–demodulator) can perform both operations.

Why you need TV modulator?

Digital modulation is used to transfer a digital bitstream over an analog channel at a high frequency. This allows users to transmit signals generated in a digital circuit through a physical medium. This is possible because digital signals can be handled more safely and digital systems are widely available. The main advantages of digital modulation over analog modulation include available bandwidth, high noise immunity and allowable power. Digital modulation provides more information capacity, high data security, faster system availability with high-quality communication. Therefore, digital modulation techniques are in higher demand for their ability to transmit larger amounts of data than analog modulation techniques.

How to choose a TV modulator?

First you need to know which modulation is used in your country. Our company have all kinds of modulation,such as ATSC,DVB-T, DVB-C,DVB-S2,DTMB...And then you should know what input and output forms you need and how many you need.If you don’t know what you need,we can recommend you the most suitable product. You also need to pay attention to some detail about frequency,power,socket standard.

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